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Houston video surveillance helps keep your business secure.

Houston video surveillance is becoming more and more popular among businesses. Having security cameras is a great deterrent against crime. It can also help law enforcement catch criminals after an incident. With the popularity of video surveillance, not having cameras can place a target on your company. Criminals think they are less likely to get caught if you don’t have cameras. However, keep in mind that not all security camera systems are made equal. It’s essential to place cameras strategically for maximum video coverage.

Houston Video Surveillance Tips

The best way to set up your Houston video surveillance system is to work with an experienced pro. Security technicians can customize your system to your location and business. However, there are a few general tips that can help as you plan for security cameras in your business.

First, it’s important to consider lighting for your security cameras. Putting cameras in areas with poor lighting can lower their effectiveness. Even if you have cameras with night vision capabilities, brightening up each area can be helpful for image quality. However, also keep in mind that if you face cameras directly toward a bright light source, then you’ll likely only pick up silhouettes of people in view. 

Also, don’t forget about security camera angles. Many business owners make the mistake of placing cameras high up for their Houston commercial security systems. This is great for covering a lot of ground with just one camera, which makes it seem like you’re saving money. However, high placement will typically only catch the tops of people’s heads on video. Instead, you want to make sure you also have cameras at head level so you can identify people walking around your facility.

In addition, keep in mind that some laws may apply for your video surveillance systems. Laws can vary by county, city, and municipality, so it’s important to check with your security experts before installing a new system. However, remember to keep security cameras away from areas with a “reasonable expectation of privacy,” such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, and locker rooms. 

Placing Cameras for Houston Commercial Security Systems

As we mentioned, each building and business is different, which is why we recommend customized Houston video surveillance systems. However, there are a few common areas where most businesses should have security cameras.

Placing security cameras at entrances and exits is a good place to start for your Houston business security systems. This way you can capture images of everyone coming in and out of your building. 

Many businesses also place cameras at each corner of their facility, as this can help you capture video of a large amount of your facility’s exterior. These can help you get a large picture of areas like parking lots or exterior loading docks. You may even be able to see your dumpsters, which is good for catching employee theft. It’s a common trick to throw items away and retrieve them later to steal them. 

In addition, you likely also want cameras on the interior of your business, especially near high traffic areas and areas with high value assets. For instance, you might want cameras near the reception area, cash register, and near any inventory or equipment that is valuable and easy to steal. 

Security Solutions from Securecomm Technologies

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