office lobby with Houston office security systems
Houston office security systems in lobbies help keep your entire office building safe.

Office lobbies have unique security concerns, as lobbies are typically open to the public. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your Houston office security systems provide adequate protection for your lobby area. Lobbies are typically the main entry point from the semi-public area into the private area of an office. In this article, we’ll discuss how and why you should increase security in the lobby of your office building. 

Why Lobbies are Critical for Houston Office Security Systems

Lobbies are generally situated right next to the main entrance for the building. They serve as a comfortable waiting area for all visitors to a facility. However, many lobbies lack adequate security to prevent unauthorized access to private areas of the office. 

While receptionists can do a great job of checking visitors in and looking for suspicious behavior, installing Houston office security systems can help add another layer of protection. Depending on the average amount of traffic your office gets in a given day, receptionists can become quickly overwhelmed and miss critical signs of a security breach. If someone is able to sneak or even force their way past your receptionist, you want to make it difficult for them to gain access to the rest of your facility. 

Remember, lobbies are a vital part of your office’s overall security. They are frequently a point of vulnerability if not equipped with the right security solutions. 

Tips for Increasing Security in Office Lobbies

Improving security in your office lobby depends on many different factors. For instance, the design of your lobby can affect security. However, no matter the design, there are several things you can do to better secure your office lobby. 

One of the first things to do is provide a separate entrance for employees. If you’re able to do so, this decreases the amount of traffic and people the receptionist must verify as they enter the building. It’s common to use keycard ID badges to unlock employee-only entrances for office buildings. You can also go a step further and install Houston automatic barrier gates for employee-only parking lots. This provides a second layer of physical security for the locked employee entrance. 

Another way to improve security in your office building’s lobby is to install security cameras. Houston video surveillance is a great deterrent for many criminals, as it can increase their risk of being detected or caught after the fact. Video footage can also help you review suspicious activity and potentially find people who are casing your office building. 

Finally, never underestimate the value of the people in your building for increasing security. Training everyone, especially receptionists, on what constitutes suspicious behavior is important. It’s also important for everyone to know how to report suspicious activity so you can take appropriate steps. After many issues, whether theft, vandalism, violence, or even corporate espionage, often people will step forward and say they noticed something odd but didn’t think to mention it to anyone. Creating a security culture where everyone is open about suspicious behavior can help improve security for your whole office. 

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