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Enterprise Network Infrastructure

HAFOL has a totally solution-oriented approach to deliver innovative voice, video and data networks that enable new methods of communication throughout an organization.

With a carefully selected network product suite from world-leading vendors such as: Cisco, Tellabs, Corning, Panduit, Dell, HP, IBM and Commscope, our solutions are proven to improve employee productivity, enable business continuity, and reduce operational expenses.

For our data center solutions, we strongly advocate the use of the latest virtualization technology from leading vendors like Dell, Cisco, Oracle, VMware and Microsoft to save energy, enable mobility and ensure optimum application performance.

All of our enterprise solutions are offered on a full service basis and include comprehensive end-user and technical training, extended support, operation and maintenance options.

Network systems today demand more bandwidth, faster connections, higher availability, and serve a geographically dispersed workforce. Therefore, we guide our customers through the difficult choices to determine the right network solutions to fit their business model.